About Us

In 2008, we formed Astound Virtual to connect job seekers and recruiters in a cost-effective, efficient, and fun way. We developed the first and only virtual career far platform for the military community called Veteran Recruiting Since that time, more than 7-million job seekers have attended the virtual recruiting events we have had the pleasure of hosting. We have worked with 442 of the Fortune 500, and have since grown the business to focus on other demographics such as, college students, workers with disabilities, engineers, security cleared professionals, and many more. What makes Astound unique is our ability to not only deliver a world-class platform, but our expertise in driving the audience our partners seek to fill their open roles.

Natural Evolution

HRCentral was a natural evolution for Astound in that our partners are looking for and need a one-stop solution for everything from recruiting, onboarding, and communication through an employees lifecycle with the company. Give us just 20-minutes to show you a demo of our platform and team, and like our other partners, we will ASTOUND you.

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